Global Diagnostics – a measuring system on a physical basis

Global Diagnostics was developed to assist the user in measuring and analyzing energetic conditions of the body on an exclusively physical basis. In this way it can be used as a precise, fast and independent assistant for a holistic consideration.

An analysis prepared in only eight minutes may establish the prerequisites for an optimum possible sequence and intensity of treatment steps. 

The data collection of Global Diagnostics takes the various technical aspects into account – among others, scientific, holistic, osteopathic and empiric data are processed.

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MitoPlus – the versatile treatment station

MitoPlus is an extremely versatile device for health care and treatment. As yet it was necessary to use different devices to have the most important possibilities of energetic treatment approaches available. With MitoPlus, different measures of the VitalfeldTechnologie could be successfully combined in one device. MitoPlus offers two main modules which are also available separately and several add-on modules enabling a multitude of different treatment methods.

Owing to the versatile application options of MitoPlus we realised that it makes sense to find a combination of modules specifically tailored to your requirements with your assistance.

MitoPlus generates frequency spectra from less than 1 Hz to more than 120 GHz which may be applied in a vast variety of ways. It may be used both fully automatically and with detailed settings and offers highly individual programming options to the user. In this way the requirements of a rapid, automatic availability as well as of a very personal and individual approach should be covered.

The devices associated with the VitalfeldTechnologie are combinable, interconnectable and network-compatible. 

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