Information About the Treatment

with VitalfeldTechnologie Devices

Holistic medicine regards the body as an overall system which can only function well if all processes take place smoothly. If an impairment occurs in a part of the body, more or less all body functions are affected according to this view.

In case of a minor impairment the body will create a balance and cure the damage owing to an interaction of all forces. However, if one or more parts of the body are already weakened or do not work optimally, this will not immediately make itself felt by pain or other discomfort in each case. If this physical impairment continues to remain disregarded this may, in the course of time, lead to a deterioration of the fitness of the entire body and, if still disregarded, to the development of unpleasant symptoms in this or a totally different place.

It may therefore sometimes be advantageous to act prophylactically long before actual physical conditions occur instead of having to go through intricate treatments as a result of the effects. In any case, however, an evaluation of the energetic situation of the body could help assessing the appropriate treatment priorities from a holistic point of view.

Global Diagnostics was developed as a technical assistant to support the evaluation of prophylactic measurements and remedies.

In this day and age it is no longer completely unknown that our bodies respond to electromagnetic oscillations. Biophysicists meanwhile agree that organisms interact with these electromagnetic influences – generated both by nature and artificially – to a high degree. To provide as much information as possible on this topic we created the subsection VitalfeldTechnologie Essentials on this website.

The VitalfeldTechnologie takes advantage of these and other research findings and offers a method for utilising these oscillations (frequency spectra) exclusively to the benefit of the body. (Some of the device developments available in this field today direct their attention to psychical factors as well. The VitalfeldTechnologie, on the other hand, is only concerned with exclusively physical issues.)

MitoPlus, MitoSan, MitoTherm, and all other devices by VITATEC were developed to use the frequency spectra beneficial to the body and to positively influence the Vitalfeld – making use of a vast variety of  treatment approaches.

Your attending physician or therapist knows how to evaluate what the best application variant for you is in the individual case.

VitalfeldTechnologie – Better chances for health up until old age.