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The Influence of the Natural Ambient Radiation on Living Organisms

The natural ambient radiation comprises several domains. The most widely known is visible light which originates from the Sun. At the beginning of the 19th century infrared light and ultraviolet light were discovered. Today it is known that almost the entire electromagnetic spectrum is represented in the natural ambient radiation the greatest part of which comes from the sun. The smaller part of the natural ambient radiation is generated within the atmosphere itself.

The Sun is not a calmly crackling little fire but a kind of vehemently burning nuclear fusion reactor. Sun spots and solar storms are accompanied by increased eruptions of particle and electromagnetic radiation. Such eruptions haven an impact on the weather, our technical systems and also influence physiological processes in the body. Some people distinctly feel these influences, e.g. as “meteorosensitivity”.

Data and Hypotheses relating to the Vitalfeld

The control of a body cannot be fully explained solely with biochemical processes. Owing to the research of Mateucci of Pisa it has been known from the 19th century that electric currents occur in case of injuries of the body tissue [Moruzzi 1964]. In the 1970s Robert Becker discovered that electric voltage differences exist in the tissue adjacent to a wound which change in a specific manner with the progress of healing. He came to the conclusion that an electric system is underlying here.

We define the Vitalfeld as the entirety of all electric, magnetisc and electromagnetic processes within the body. Vitalfeld and biochemistry influence each other and are both essential for the upkeeping of a living organism.

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