Vitatec Business Philosophy

Get to know VITATEC.

Since the Company got started in 1993 a lot has happened. We have grown steadily and have become a stable enterprise. To go into all stages of this way did not seem important to us. However, what we consider important is who we are today, what we represent, and what matters to us. Browse through our customers’ and employees’ comments and enjoy our impressions for a little while.

Read about us here, and then see for yourself if we promised you too much.

VITATEC pursues two objectives:


1. The development and distribution of risk-free products to contribute
    to a basis for an improved health.

At VITATEC we make use of the laws of physics to develop technologies aiming at the improvement of health and wellbeing.

We are an independent company which has financed almost 20 years of research exclusively from its own resources. The result is medical equipment and heath care products which are used by many physicians and therapists in Europe and beyond.

As an innovative yet down-to-earth company we would like to preserve this independence. In this way we do not run the risk to realise, one day, that our actual goal – improved health for everybody – has turned into activities solely motivated by financial interests. 

We are aware that we operate in a market segment which is controversial and sometimes laughed at. Natural medicine has, regardless of all undeniable results, not really been acknowledged by academic medicine to this day. All the more important to us is our sound and diligent work to enhance the general awareness of this, to the best of our belief, pioneering form of treatment.

Without the support by external funds we proceed continuously in stages. This resulted in different stages of our developments and products:

  1. those which are clearly evidenced by studies and medically certified,
  2. those which are subject to research and are on their way to be evidenced by studies, and
  3. those the prospects of which for generally accepted studies are presently rather low and which are therefore assigned to health care.


2. To promote widespread and less widespread knowledge about the body
    and the  interrelatedness with its environment and to thereby contribute
    to a deeper understanding.

In our Western society we have learned that “there is a pill for everything” to get our bodies back on track and to keep them functioning. They work on a chemical basis – and therefore it seems logical to correct them with the aid of a targeted chemical formula. But is that really all there is?

The exclusive handling with pharmaceutical remedies often takes place on a symptom-related basis and is less oriented toward a potential underlying cause. In addition, this attitude excludes one decisive factor: the physical processes and reactions – induced by natural or artificial sources.

As mentioned in the beginning, VITATEC makes use of the laws of physics to contribute to more health and wellbeing.

Physics sometimes appears, in the best case, intricate to us “ordinary mortals” while it is an exciting field of natural sciences for others.

On this website we will try to examine possible mysteries and complexities of physics and to convey findings of physics in connection with living organisms   – and this in a way in which both friends of physics and respectfully reserved laypersons will enjoy understanding this subject matter.

We would like to offer you an insight into known or maybe also unknown knowledge which is the basis of our research and development. Apart from that, we would like to enable you, dear reader, to form your own opinion and to depend on the authority of the authors to the minimum possible extent. Therefore we provided our contribution with definitions, indications of sources and references in many places. In this connection please also use our permanently growing glossary VITALOGICA®.

With regard to everything we intend to convey to you on this website we made our best efforts to find a language which will neither downgrade experts nor scare off laypersons. If we did not succeed in each case we should like to ask you to call our attention to it. Like with our products, we are continuously working on an enhancement and improvement.

Should your questions or your interest in us not be satisfactorily answered by our Website please contact us directly. VITATEC Contact

Now we wish you much fun while browsing through our website!